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    The committee are currently updating the business plan in light of the proposed additional new houses to be built in Heathfield and the surrounding villages. Funds in excess of £3.5m are still required to enable building work to start and suitable grant bodies are being researched.  The Heathfield Partnership are always interested to hear from people with relevant fundraising expertise or individuals, charitable trusts or organisations who are interested in contributing to this target.

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    Our overall aim is to provide a swimming and fitness service that genuinely meets the needs of everyone in the Heathfield area - that is our urban and rural communities; children and young people; families of all ages; and older and less mobile people. 

    We are determined to do all we can to bring the benefits of the pool and the fitness centre to all parts of our local community. To achieve this we aim to work in partnership with Heathfield Community College, the 11 surrounding primary schools, Wealden District Council's Sports Development function, and local community groups and organizations.


    A Chance to Live the Olympic Spirit

    We also believe that the spirit of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games should be captured for our community in an enduring way. The Olympic spirit can benefit everyone, regardless of age, ability, means or background - and we believe that creating a swimming pool for all is a very appropriate way to realize this ambition locally.

    The Olympic Legacy

    As part of the nation's bid for the right to hold the 2012 Games, an undertaking was given to the Olympic Committee that the games would not be a stand-alone event, but would be the basis of a continuing legacy. This would have the objective of increasing the role of sporting activity in the life of the nation and, thereby, improving health, particularly for young people. What, otherwise, is the purpose of the Olympic event?

    Part of this ‘legacy' was to ensure that facilities created for the Games would continue to be used to good effect in the future. Some nine swimming pools around the country, used for training purposes and for some of the swimming events not held in the main aquatic centre, were therefore designed to be ‘relocatable'. That is, they could be moved after the games to locations where they would have an on-going role in the sporting life of the nation.

    During 2011 these relocatable pools were offered to organizations around Britain who could meet certain criteria and our campaign organizers made a bid.  We have learned that we have been successful in securing a pool, subject to raising the necessary capital funds for the project. We would still need to provide a building and all the services that have to support a swimming pool, and we would still have to provide the new fitness gymnasium but our project would become linked inseparably with the 2012 Olympic Games and this would enhance our fundraising opportunities greatly.