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The committee are currently updating the business plan in light of the proposed additional new houses to be built in Heathfield and the surrounding villages. Funds in excess of £3.5m are still required to enable building work to start and suitable grant bodies are being researched.  The Heathfield Partnership are always interested to hear from people with relevant fundraising expertise or individuals, charitable trusts or organisations who are interested in contributing to this target.

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What We Need to Provide

The Standard We Have Set Ourselves

Our facility has been designed in accordance with the design guidance published by the following organizations:

·   Sport England
·   The Amateur Swimming Association
·   Sport England Accessible Sports Facilities and BS 8300
·   Centre for Accessible Environments "Designing for Accessibility"



Where The New Facility Will Be Located

When the feasibility study (produced by RQA in December 2006) for the pool was first being planned, a list of potential sites was created and evaluated, finally being reduced to three viable alternatives.

Although the consultants carrying out the study were free to propose alternatives, they were commissioned to evaluate the short-listed sites in greater detail and make recommendations. Their firm recommendation was that the site of the existing leisure centre (run by Freedom Leisure on behalf of Wealden District Council) was the only real option. This was based on a range of considerations, but included particularly the economies of combining the overall running costs with those of the existing operation. The site itself was potentially available without the need for purchase. This was an important consideration as an additional capital requirement for the project of several million pounds would otherwise have arisen - even supposing that the owners of other sites would have been prepared to sell. Since the time of the study the campaign committee has successfully negotiated an agreement for a lease on the site.

The site lies about ¾ of a mile from the town centre on a triangle of land between the B2096 and Heathfield Park. It is secluded by trees and has ample space for additional parking. Our building is proposed as an extension of the existing leisure centre and will do much to improve its appearance. The site is immediately adjacent to Heathfield Community College, which is a regular user of the existing facility.


Design in Sympathy with the Locality

Our proposals for the building and its location have been designed to reinforce the open nature of the area and to minimize the impact of the building on the landscape.

The low-pitched roof means that the roof height will be similar to that of the existing leisure centre. Brickwork will be chosen to match with the existing building.

The materials and techniques used in the construction of the building will be selected for low maintenance and for sustainability. 

High-level glazing above the pool hall is important to balance the natural light that comes through the west-facing windows, thereby, reducing the risk of glare on the pool water. The lower roof over the swimming pool will also incorporate photovoltaic cells to reduce energy costs.  External lighting will be designed to minimize light spillage.



The building will be located towards the rear of the site and our proposals will maintain the strong screen of trees and shrubs to the east and the bank down to the Battle Road. The area to the north of the new building and car park will be landscaped with a mixture of trees and shrubs.